Founded in 1989 by Nico Betzen, master craftsman and <compagnons du devoir>, this small blacksmith workshop has developed over the years into a medium-sized metal construction company employing nowadays about 40 people. Our company realize with great passion both forged works and modern project developments with all facet of metal construction. Our clients are public administrations, private clients, famous architects and construction companies, who realize large projects. Our company distinguishes itself one hand by the love of craftsmanship, on the other hand with a long tradition in the metalworking industry.


  • 1989: Company founding year by Nico Betzen.
  • 1997: Introduction of the first 2D drawing software.
  • 2000: Extension of the area with a production hall.
  • 2003: Expansion of the area with a second hall for the production of stainless steel.
  • 2005: Expansion of the offices on an area of 300 m2.
  • 2006: Clement Mignot as <> becomes co-owner of the company after his <> and the company changes its legal form to a stock corporation.
  • 2007: Arrival of the first 3D drawing software.
  • 2010: Founding of sheet metal processing.
  • 2012: Acquisition of an LVD laser for sheet metal laser cutting.
  • 2013: Takeover of the department <> of the company Petry.
  • 2014: Certification according to DIN EN 1090 – EXC2.
  • 2014: Extension of the area with a 3rd hall of 1000 m2 for the production of aluminum.
  • 2015: Acquisition of a 7-axis digital LVD bending machine.
  • 2016: Purchase of a milling center for the production of metal joinery.
  • 2017: Purchase of a second LVD laser for sheet metal processing.
  • 2018: Purchase of 2000ccm Nitrogen tank and several welding equipment.
  • 2019: Extension of Execution Class EXC 3  EN – 1090 certification.


Ferronnerie d’Art Nico Betzen s.a,

Ferronnerie d’Art Nico Betzen S.A.
15, Dikricherstrooss
L-9455 Fouhren – Luxembourg
Tél:  (+352) 84.90.27
Fax: (+352) 84.90.84

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Mo-Fr 8h-12h/13h-17h

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