Blacksmithed Railings

Our forged railings meet the highest demands of traditional blacksmithing in all their elegance! Our forged products are always adaptable to all customer requirements: curved or straight in steel, stainless steel or brass. In addition, all wishes are realized in the form of surface finishing and powder coating. In our workshop in Fouhren,Luxembourg our master blacksmiths work with love and passion in the field of artistic ironwork. The << Compagnons du devoir >> trained in France use specific techniques to process various materials.

Ferronnerie d’Art Nico Betzen S.A.
15, Dikricherstrooss
L-9455 Fouhren – Luxembourg
Tél:  (+352) 84.90.27
Fax: (+352) 84.90.84

Opening Hours

Mo-Fr 8h-12h/13h-17h

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